Exhibitor and sponsorship Opportunities

Our primary focus is to create empowerment, posistivity, and confidence wiithin the Black Business Industry. We are therefore offering a fantastic opportunity to collaborate and provide exhibitor space to a select few.

Our targeted footfall is in excess of 300 and with 200 wokshop spaces we feel that this is achieveable when coupled with our extensive database and input from influential marketers in the industry.

Black history month is an important event in our calendars and we aim to encourage members of our community to come out in full support.

As HairStories explores, explains and celebrates black history, we expect to attract a wider demographic compared to attendees who just attend hair shows, which offers a unique opportunity to increase your brands’ awareness.

We invite you to join our 3 step process; attract, engage and align, enabling you to gain a weath of benefits through our strategically planned event format.

Email us to receive an exhibitor pack:

Final application deadline: 30th September 2016

UJIMA Hairstories event is sponsored by

Braid Station

African Hair Braiding is an ancient art, handed down from generation to generation in Africa. The origins of the art form can be traced back to Egypt as far as 3500 BC. To celebrate this tradition Mane Divas will be hosting a pop up Braid Station which will offer a menu of signature styles for attendees to choose from.

Talented Yinka of Yinkas Braids, experienced hair stylist and YouTuber Yonkel C and Angela from Ayamour will be our guest stylists on the day who will create art by interweaving strands of hair to form a design.

Which style will you choose?!

Hover over the images (or click if you are viewing the site on a mobile device) to see the styles from the back.

Your Braid Station appointment includes one free pack of "Xpressions" hair. One pack of hair or less was used for each of the styles pictured so that will give you an idea of the length/thickness you can expect to achieve. You will be contacted after you book your appointment to select from our option of colours beforehand.


Everyone who books an appointment at the Braid Station is entitled to a discount from vendor Kawaii Adornments, their beautiful handmade hair jewellery featured above can be ordered prior to the event so you can collect and install on the day. if required.

Terms and conditions

Please arrive for your appointment with your hair clean, moisturised, detangled and stretched (we understand that further 'light' detangling may be necessary immediately prior to braiding.) If you arrive with your hair not as described above unfortunately you will lose your appointment as the stylists will be operating on a tight schedule in order to fulfill all appointments.

You can select the time of your Braid Station appointment when you book online via the Eventbrite page. Please arrive a minimum of 15 minutes prior to your appointment. Unfortunately we are unable to accommodate for latecomers and your appointment will be cancelled because that will then take time away from the next person's appointment. Please note that no refund will be offered.

Details will be sent after your appointment has been confirmed.

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